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South Dorset Hashes

Hardy's Hash and Sub60 Hash

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Hashing consists of following a trail laid in eco-friendly materials, such as flour or sawdust.

There are two South Dorset Hashes - Hardy's Hash which meets at the weekends and the Sub-60 Hash which meets every other Thursday evening. Hardy's Hash started in 1987 and the Sub60 a few years later for those who wanted more exercise and social drinking between weekends.


The ‘Hash Diary’ page here gives details of upcoming venues and social events for both Hashes.

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We are an informal group of sociable people who enjoy good company, fun and exercise. Our events are non-competitive and cater for all levels of fitness. We are family - and dog - friendly.

We usually gather at a South Dorset pub and set off to run, jog or walk (in separate groups) around the wonderful Dorset countryside. More experienced ‘Hares’ set a trail, then hashers set out to search for and follow that trail. The Hares get to choose the venue and trail, and may even set a theme.  A number of ‘regroups’ are included to allow slower hashers to catch up before we all set off again.  

We have a range of clothing which is available to order from our Hashadashery page.

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What Else Do Hashers Do?

We have many local social events such as cycle treasure hunts, themed parties and BBQs. We enjoy sociable weekends away, for example, taking over a Youth Hostel. We have also travelled abroad to international Hashing events such as Poland, South Africa, Belgium, Australia, Thailand - and the Isle of Wight!

Can I Try It?

Your first Hash is free so there is no reason not give it a try!  For each subsequent Hardy's Hash there is a small charge of £2.50 or, for regular Hashers, there is an option to pay a half-year subscription of £25. For the Sub60 Hash the charge is £2 for each Hash.

We do go off-road and we recommend you wear suitable sports clothing.  You should also bring a change of clothes and shoes.  Depending on the weather conditions, it can get a bit wet and muddy!

How It All Started

All Hashes are a part of a long, proud and worldwide tradition which goes back to 1938 in Kuala Lumpur. A few British Civil Servants and local businessmen got together every Monday to jog off the excesses of the weekend following a trail of paper scraps. 

It was the founder Albert Stephen Ignatius Gispert who named the group ‘Hash House Harriers’ because the club they belonged to served up terrible food; the meals were described as ‘Hashed Up’ and the club mockingly was called ‘The Hash House’. 

There are now over two thousand Hash clubs spread over every country in the world including such unlikely places as the Antarctic.


Hardy’s are proud to be able to trace our lineage back to the original founder.

If you want to know more, Wikipedia has an excellent article on Hashing and its traditions, please click here.

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